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The Complete List of Concerts for 2013

Concert board 2013


The Complete List of Concerts for 2012

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The Complete List of Concerts for 2011

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The Complete List of Concerts for 2010

The Complete List of Concerts I Attended in 2010

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best way to describe how the month of October was for me

this place is stagnant

I realize that this blog hasn’t been updated in a very long time and lots of things have happened since then. I’m not going to bother giving a summary of happening since the last update because I’ve been updating elsewhere.

I started writing this out on October 3 so I’ll post what I wrote so far…

A couple of things:

getting to the two-nine

Today is October 3. I’m 28 days from turning 29. These are the reactions I got from my co-workers when I’ve mentioned that I’m turning 29 to friends:

  • “Ugh.”
  • “That’s the worst.”
  • “I was 29 for  10 years.”


I don’t know. I’m not looking forward to the fact that I’m getting closer to 30 because that’s when I think it will really hit me about the things I haven’t accomplished yet. For now I’m gonna keep thinking that I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences in my life so far and there’s not much I’d want to change about it.

best september ever…

The third week of September, well from the 18th to the 22nd has to go down somewhere in the record books as the most wonderful experience of traveling and concert-going EVER. Before September, I already had some great experiences with that- April’s Spoon trip across the Pacific Northwest, and August’s WASTRAVAGANZA..all really good times. But with those trips, I can easily say that there were off-nights with these bands performance-wise, where things just didn’t feel right sometimes. With this Phoenix trip, there’s no way I could even say that. Every show felt like it was 100% from them and each show felt so special. And I had such a fun time with my friends during this whole run!

Then there was Friday...

It’s almost perfect that for what I *think* might have been my last Spoon show for the year, I had a brilliant time seeing them in San Diego. Since 2008, I’ve been saying that San Diego never lets me down, and again, this was true for this trip because everything about that show was awesome.

I had absolutely no drama with getting inside SOMA, no frisking, no lame security (I could’ve brought my usual camera though instead of being paranoid and brining the small old one :( ).

I got my favorite spot on the rail at the show, right between Rob and Britt, but a little bit closer to Britt.

I got the one Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga song I really really really wanted to hear, Finer Feelings, AND they ended the show with Small Stakes (any Spoon show that ends with Small Stakes or Jonathon Fisk is a winner in my book).

Too many smiles and smirks from the guys watching me sing along to everything. I always try not to geek out too much during “Black Like Me” but of course, I’m looking like I’m having the time of my life during the last bit of the song with “all the weird kids in front…(yeah)…tell me what you know you want…(oh yeah)” and I see Britt with a huge grin on his face looking at me and Ashley.

At the very very very end of the show Britt pointed to me and Ashley and said “thank you” to each of us as he walked off stage! Awwww! And Jim came out a minute later to hand us the set lists. :D

And the waiting around stuff was awesome…Britt was sweet and he gave me a hug *cue lots of fangirl swooning* and we had the best time talking with Jim and Rob, and if I wasn’t so crazy about Britt I’d be all about Rob from now on because he is absolutely adorable. I think a sign of knowing when I’m not so nervous anymore is when I can “keep it real” with someone. I mentioned to Rob how I didn’t like Cold Cave, especially that unnecessarily loud part of their show where they turn up their synths for no good reason and it made him laugh and he tried defending them but I think he knew I had a point. I forget what else we talked about but he was engaging and charming and ahhh I love this guy. I think that night was the longest I’ve ever spent talking and hanging out with the guys and after we said our goodbyes to them, Ashley and I were giddy till the morning about how awesome that night was.

So that was the way my October began.

It’s now October 17 and I’ve gone to three more brilliant shows too but I’m too tired to blog about those now. Maybe later. Or not.


I will eventually get to writing a complete post about three amazing shows I went to in May…

but for now I am posting this:

An album plug for my two favorite guys, Keith and Chris of We Are Scientists.

Their album comes out today in the UK, and on Tuesday in America, Friday in Germany, and hopefully other places around the world soon. Grab yourself a copy, I have links on What’s the Word.

While I sort of consider it as my Gimme Fiction for WAS  (a.k.a Spoon’s fifth album  that’s an album I don’t love as a whole, but really love several individual tracks on there) and have a longer explanation about why I feel that way about it, I do think it’s an album worthy of purchasing at your local record store, if they still exist in your area. I know I’ll be heading to Amoeba Records as soon as I get out of work on Tuesday to grab my copy. :)


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